Monsta X stars Shownu X Hyungwon release album, 'The Unseen'

Monsta X, the K-Pop sensation made up of six members, are beloved across the world for their hits such as "Who Do You Love?" and "Someone’s Someone." 

But now two of the group’s members are teaming up as a duo with a brand-new album, "The Unseen."

Shownu X Hyungwon are releasing the new album with the lead single "Love Me a Little." 

The album marks Shownu’s first comeback since enlisting in the Korean military in 2021 and helped to produce this album. 

The K-Pop duo from Monsta X said their musical inspiration is Bruno Mars.

Shownu X Hyungwon are set to headline the K-Pop Super Concert, Aug. 26 at UBS Arena on Long Island.