Mom records 7-year-old son walking bullied schoolmate home

A 7-year-old Texas boy is showing how big his heart is after he walked a 8-year-old bullied schoolmate home.

And his mother caught it all on video.

Ashley Sanders of Denton said she recorded her son Noah, a first grader, after school in April.

The video shows Noah walking with an unidentified girl who is his schoolmate.

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Sanders posted it on her social media and of course, it went viral.

Sanders usually waits outside the school to meet her children to prevent bullying and fighting. She said the little girl in the video usually says hello and pets Sanders’ dogs.

But one day, the little girl wasn’t happy and came to Sanders crying.

"I asked her if she was okay and she proceeded to tell me that a boy was bullying her," Sanders told FOX Television Stations.

The little girl told Sanders that a bully ripped up a picture she had and called her a crybaby.

That’s when Noah, feeling indignant, got involved to comfort her.

"My son asked her who it was and when she described her bully, he felt like he knew who it was so he asked me if he could walk her home to make sure she's OK," Sanders added.

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Sanders, feeling proud of her son, recorded the moment Noah showed such compassion.

"I believe the little girl felt safe to share her feelings with us because I have a genuine love and heart for children's ministry," Sanders added. "I believe this is a gift that God has given me and my husband."

Sanders said she and her husband want to start a ministry that reaches out to children in the community.

"We want to show the love of God by simply hanging out with the kids in our community and giving them fun and free activities," she said.

Since the video went viral, Sanders said she spoke with the little girl’s mother about the incident. Noah continues to walk with the little girl home when possible and waits for her to get inside the house.

"I believe my son wanted to do this touching gesture because he has a genuine heart that cares for people,  but this is also demonstrated in our home," Sanders explained.

Sanders urges parents to lead by example to bring about positive changes in the community. She also encourages parents to allow a safe space for their children to open up about whatever issues they’re facing as well as speaking with schools to combat bullying.

"We have to help be the change," she said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.