Mom dyes doll to look like daughter with birthmark

This 6-year-old from New York has a large birthmark on her face, and thanks to a little make-up magic, so does her beloved doll.

Navaeh Bird, 6, of Manhattan was born with a port wine stain across the left side of her face.

After her grandma bought her a doll with brown hair and brown eyes, modeled after Navaeh, she said something was missing. Navaeh wanted the doll to have a red birthmark, just like her.

“I said I can always make it have a birthmark and it’ll be permanent forever,” her mom, Jesica Bird, told, “and she was so excited.”

Following her daughter’s request, Bird, 31, said she grabbed her dark red lipstick, traced her daughter’s birthmark onto the doll’s face, wiped it off, and sealed the dyed design with clear nail polish.

"It literally took me 20 minutes," Bird said. "It keeps instilling in her to stay positive about it. She’s really excited about [the doll,] she shows it off to all her friends. She looks at it and sees how pretty the doll is, and sees how pretty she is."

The red birthmark on Navaeh’s face is caused by abnormally widened blood vessels, according to Caters News.

"When she was really little, a lot of people would ask questions. People think it’s a burn or a bruise," Bird said.

But, Navaeh has never been bullied for the blemish, her mom said, nor has she ever felt embarrassed of her facial birthmark.

"When she younger, it was a lot harder, but as she’s getting older, it doesn’t bother her at all," her mom said. "She learned to embrace it."