Model collapses, dies on catwalk

A Brazilian model collapsed and died on the catwalk during Sao Paolo Fashion Week, according to event organizers.

Tales Soares, 26, was modeling a grey and yellow outfit for fashion brand Ocksa on Saturday when he fell face first to the ground.

Soares appeared to have slipped on a shoelace, according to published reports. The crowd initially thought the fall was part of a performance.

He was foaming at the mouth when paramedics responded and rushed Soares to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Doctors suspect that Tales might have had a congenital problem," agent Rogerio Campaneli told Brazilian media." “It was all so fast: he kissed a friend behind the scenes who was following him, walked out confidently as usual, then suddenly stumbled, lost his footing and fell.”

His sister reportedly said Soares had regular health check-ups and had no history of epileptic fits or fainting spells, reported The Sun.

An autopsy was being performed to confirm the cause of death.