Military couple relocating loses everything in overnight theft: ‘We are devastated’

Jennifer Luna and Gustavo Burciaga (Credit: Gustavo Burciaga)

Gustavo Burciaga and his wife Jennifer Luna were ready to begin their new lives in a new state until all their belongings were stolen overnight while they stayed in a hotel.

Burciaga, who served as a senior airman for the U.S. Air Force, was moving from Joint Base Lewis–McChord in Washington state to Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

On October 5, while the couple stayed in a hotel in Gresham, Oregon, their belongings were stolen along with the U-Haul they had used to move — including documents needed to secure their housing in New Mexico. They believed the thief or thieves hotwired the U-Haul and took off. 

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The couple’s car, which was hitched to the U-Haul truck, was taken as well. 

"We feel devastated, absolutely violated that someone not only has all of our possessions but as well as our personal information in documents form," Burciaga told FOX Television Stations. "What hits the hardest is all the objects that held so much sentimental value to us."

The couple said Gresham police are investigating. FOX Television Stations reached out to the department for comment. 

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Burciaga and his wife have been posting updates about their ordeal on their Facebook pages. A famliy friend even set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. 

"We have also been posting the descriptions of the stolen vehicles all throughout Facebook, asking different groups for help in identifying and tracking our U-Haul and car," he said. 

Burciaga added that they have frozen their financial accounts and are working with their insurance companies to recover financial losses. 

However, the theft has delayed their move until they can get their claims settled, forcing the couple to move to Texas to be with family. 

"We had no option but to move back to Texas where our support system of family and friends resides," Burciaga continued. 

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"Next time we’ll ensure our belongings hold some type of tracking device, and we’ll make sure that our rental equipment holds some type of security measure like a car alarm," he said. 

The husband also has a few words for the culprit or culprits. 

"Give us back our sentimental items because if I catch you before the cops do, well I’ll just say you better start training because I don’t like picking on the weak," he said. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.