Mile-long underground ISIS training camp uncovered

Iraqi military forces have uncovered an extensive underground terror training base outside of Mosul.  The base, in an abandoned rail line, included an obstacle course, firing range and other training facilities including religious training.

The compound, about 30 feet underground, was discovered by the Iraqi army's Rapid Response force.  An army spokesman says it appears that up to 150 recruits could train at a time at the base, believed to be one of the terrorist group's largest camps.

A small mosque was also constructed mid-tunnel, which was for a railroad that connected Baghdad to Mosul.  The tunnel had also been fully wired for electricity.

The discovery comes as Iraqi goverment forces are pushing to force Islamic State fighers out of Mosul.  An Iraqi commander said on Friday that his troops were within 900 yars of the main goverment complex in the city.  Goverment forces claimed to have taken one of five bridges over the Tigris River to shorten supplies lines.

The UN reports that thousands of women and children are trying to flee the city.  Mosul is Iraq's second largest city and contains the last significant urban area held by ISIS in the country.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.