Michael Moore shares 10-point plan to make Donald Trump 'toast again'

Michael Moore shared his 10-step plan to "stop" President Donald Trump and make him "toast again."  The liberal filmmaker took to Twitter Tuesday to share the "easy-to-follow" plan which includes "continu[ing] to skewer the president with mocking humor."

Moore introduced his plan by saying, "Let's acknowledge what we all know to be true: Trump is in deep, deep trouble."  His first plan of action is to have people call Congress daily to urge their representatives not to repeal Obamacare and block Trump's pick for Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

"It is impossible to overstate just how much power you have by making this simple, quick DAILY CALL," Moore wrote. "I know from firsthand experience the impact it has. These politicians freak out if they get just 10 calls on an issue."

Moore also recommended making monthly in-person visits to representatives' offices, organizing "rapid response teams" of 5-20 people to coordinate protests and a step he calls "become the media" by sharing news and information on social media.