Michael DeAngelo, man convicted for killing 4 family members while driving high on Long Island sentenced

A judge has sentenced Michael DeAngelo, the driver involved in a crash that took the lives of four family members on Long Island last year, to up to 21 years in prison after he admitted to driving high.

The crash killed Patrick Huntley, his son, daughter, and 6-year-old step-granddaughter. 

At the time of the crash, Huntley was celebrating a recent job offer with five family members and was taking them out to get ice cream last August. Authorities say they were stopped at a red light when DeAngelo, driving roughly 120 miles per hour seconds before the crash, plowed into the victims in their SUV.

DeAngelo, 33, had fresh track marks on his arms and hands, and needles were found in his car. He admitted to the judge that he was high on cocaine and fentanyl at the time of the crash. 

He was sentenced to seven to 21 years in prison. 


Long Island man pleads guilty to drugged driving crash that killed father, 3 kids

A Long Island man pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated vehicular homicide charges after a drugged-driving crash killed a father and his three children last year.

"Countless lives destroyed and changed forever all because drunk, drugged and reckless driving," said Nassau County district attorney Anne Donnelly.

Huntley's family attended court Friday to ask the judge to sentence DeAngelo to the maximum.

"My father would still be here, my brother, my sister and my niece," said Zaiore Lee.

DeAngelo also had two prior arrests for DWI-related offenses and just days before the crash, he tried to run from police after he was revived from an overdose.

In court, Huntley’s daughter called DeAngelo a negligent addict. Huntley's family says there are no words to describe their loss. 

"He needs to get over his drug addiction," Lee said. "Get over your drug addiction. Rehab yourself. We don't see him as somebody that should be outside. He belongs behind bars."

Prosecutors say the two survivors of the crash are dealing with extensive physical and psychological trauma. 

The judge told DeAngelo that he is not a victim, saying he caused the deaths because he didn’t care about anyone else.