Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is afraid of mascots

Mets pitcher Noah "Thor" Syndergaard has no regrets about turning down an MRI just days before the injury that put him on the disabled list. He talked to Rosanna Scotto about his reasons for doing so and how his recovery is coming along.

"I'm definitely missing being out there and competing but I'm real excited to get back out there," he said, adding that he doesn't have a timeline for return yet. He likened recovery to a "marathon, not a sprint."

He said nothing is structurally wrong with his arm, so he didn't feel the need to get back in an MRI tube "for no good reason."

"I know my body better than anyone else," Syndergaard said. "And I knew there was nothing wrong."

Syndergaard also explained why he is at war with sports mascots.

"There is definitely a fear of mascots," he said. "They are so stealthy, quiet, you really don't know what's on the inside of them."

He said he stole the Philly Phanatic's four-wheeler as a prank and the "guy broke character."

Thor said he even likes to tell the Times Square characters that they are "frauds."

As for Mr. Met flipping the bird at fans?

"I can't say I'm mad, just a little disappointed," Syndergaard said. "In his defense, he only has four fingers" so he doesn't actually have a middle finger.