Mesa man accused of shooting neighbor's pit bull and burying it in the desert

MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- A Mesa man has been arrested and accused of killing his neighbor's pit bull dog.

According to court documents, 63-year-old Andrew Jackson Evans was arrested on the afternoon of November 25, and he is facing burglary, disorderly conduct involving a weapon, and animal killing charges.

Officers, according to court documents, went out to the 5000 block of E. Ellis Street in Mesa, where the suspect lived, after police received a call of Evans entering his neighbor's home, and shot a dog in the head twice while it was inside a cage. Evans later admitted to police that he entered his neighbor's home with the intent to shoot the dog. The dog that Evans admitted to shooting attacked Evans' own dog. Evans' dog, which was smaller in size, suffered serious injuries.

Evans, according to court documents, wrote a statement that read:

"I took my 9mm Glock and put 2 bullets into the pit bulls brain. The pit bull was in a cage. I then took the pit bull and cage and buried in the desert."

After Evans was read his Miranda rights, court documents say he told police that what he did was "worth it".

Evans, according to court documents, had plans to move out of state this week, and has already sold his home. He was released on his own recognizance, despite the prosecutor's opposition, stating the the victim is fearful of retaliation for pressing charges against Evans. Evans, however, is ordered to not return to the scene of the alleged crime. He is also forbidden from initiating contact or have physical contact with any victim, witnesses, or the police officers who arrested him.

Evans is scheduled to be back in court on December 17 for a preliminary hearing, and a public defendant will be provided for Evans.