Men accused of killing Chinx face judge and widow

The first court date at Queens County Criminal Court in the murder trial of two men accused of killing rapper Chinx began with an intense encounter.

It required supreme control for Chinx's widow, Janelli Caceres-Pickens, to remain silent and in charge of her emotions as she waited for the hearing to begin, just feet away from one of the two men accused of murdering her husband and father of their three children.

"It gets harder and harder every time just to literally stare someone in the eyes and not be able to say anything," Caceres-Pickens said. "It's hard, it's hard. A lot of emotions run through you."

Quincy Homere, 32, appeared in court with a new attorney, Scott Bookstein, who asked for some time to become familiar with the case. It was the same for defendant Jamar Hill, 26.

Last December, we were the first to report that NYPD detectives arrested both men and charged them with second-degree murder and other felonies for the May 2015 killing of Chinx, whose real name was Lionel Pickens.

Both have pleaded not guilty. Homere is currently in federal custody on an unrelated charge. Hill is doing state time.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Hughes assured the judge that prosecutors would do everything possible to keep the case proceeding.

State Supreme Court Justice Kenneth C. Holder allowed a Fox 5 camera in the courtroom, saying that the public has a right to know what is going on in the legal system.

Caceres-Pickens said has vowed to attend every court hearing, no matter what toll it takes on her heart.

"It's just a waiting process. It's an emotional roller coaster—you come in, you have to see them, you have to face them," Caceres-Pickens said. "The feelings just run through you all over again."

It is too soon to know if the defendants will either be offered a plea deal or stand trial. They're due back before Justice Holder in February.