Meet Noah Syndergaard's 'Mini Me'

A Mets pitcher nicknamed "Thor" is having his thunder stolen by a 5-year-old.

"Last year when Noah Syndergaard was pitching in the playoffs, I would post a picture of Ashtin in full Mets gear, hat and everything, with the glove on and 'Here is a picture of Little Thor -- and people loved it," says Aaron Gerberg, Ashtin's dad.

This year that love went to another level after the Mets shared video of Ashtin on social media.

"He's only five but he's been training his whole life for this," Aaron says.

So when exactly did "Mini-Thor" first discover his super powers?

"I was one years old when I played baseball," Ashtin says.

When Ashtin began playing at 13 months old, his dad saw right away that his son had something special.

"He was able to swing a metal bat when he had just turned two, and was able to hit pitching," Aaron says. "I mean, he's been taking ground balls with a real hard ball since he was one."

While the natural ability shines through, Ashtin knows the real key to his success.

"Because I practiced! Practiced hard," he says.

Now, he is being compared to the likes of Syndergaard because of both the skills and the hair.

"There has been a lot of support and people trying to get Ashtin to Citi Field," Aaron says. "It's been pretty amazing."

Ashtin is excited for the trip, but hopes to get to Citi Field one day as pro, too.

"Yes, but not a pitcher," Ashtin says.

There's the curveball. Thor is in luck, because his Mini-Me wants to be a second basemen.

"Let's go Mets," Ashtin says.