Meet Milo, Long Island's first educational robot

A new teacher's assistant has become a quick favorite among students at the John Street Elementary School in Franklin Square. 

But "Milo" isn't exactly human, he's actually an "E-student," who helps his classmates with special needs strive for A's.

Standing just two feet tall, Milo captivates his third-grade class by teaching social-emotional skills and cues. 

"Milo just really facilitating an extra piece of comfort in the class," she said.

And his peers have welcomed him with open arms. 

Franklin Square is said to be the first Long Island school district to have a Milo. He comes with his own curriculum and corresponding lessons. 

Milo cost the district about $20,000 and can be programmed based on skills and goals.

"He’s working on social cues, waiting your turn to answer, hand motions, gestures and he’s facilitating the kids to make them excited and move along," said Special Education teacher Alanda Smith.

Milo also works with the school psychologist to help students who may be upset or having difficulty expressing their feelings. He teaches coping skills and shares strategies like counting to ten or taking a deep breath. 

Milo like the other students in the class has a desk. The hope is to get Milo’s siblings to help more students. In just a short time he has become a role model but even more - a futuristic friend.