Meet the 3 adorable Andean bear cubs debuting at Queens Zoo

(Courtesy of Queens Zoo)

Three Andean Bear cubs made their debut at the Queens Zoo on Monday.

The cubs were born on Jan. 3, 2024, including two males and one female. 

Their names have not been announced yet.

(Courtesy of Queens Zoo)

The Queens Zoo said with these births, eight Andean bear cubs have been born at the Queens Zoo since 1995.

"Since birth, they have been cared for by their mother in the birthing den, and the cubs have now reached the age when they are able to venture outdoors," the Queens Zoo said in a press release

About the Andean bear

(Courtesy of Queens Zoo)

Andean bears are also known as spectacled bears and can grow five to six feet long. The Andean bears are the only bears found in South America. They can also be seen in the Tropical Andes of Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. 

Adult males are larger than females and can weigh up to 340 pounds while females generally weigh around 200 pounds.

What makes the Andean bear different is that they have white-to-cream markings around their eyes, muzzle, and chest.

(Courtesy of Queens Zoo)

They are an arboreal animal which nests in trees for eating and sleeping.

According to a press release, the IUCN estimated that there are fewer than 18,000 bears now surviving in the wild as Andean bear populations have declined.