Mayor working out of Staten Island for a week

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made his rounds on Staten Island Monday for the start of his week-long visit there. It is the first stop in his "City Hall in your Borough" initiative to make city government more localized.

"We believe in Neighborhood Policing for many reasons. We believe it will bring police and community closer together, we believe it will make our officers safer, we believe it will increase the flow of information to our officers from communities," Mayor de Blasio said.

In the Tottenville section of the borough de Blasio announced that the 123rd Precinct is the latest to become a Neighborhood Policing Command. By this summer 47 out of the city's 77 precincts will be running under this philosophy.

Staten Island is the only borough the Democrat lost in his 2013 mayoral victory, but he claims his reelection campaign is not why he's here.

"People are going to make decisions according to their values. What I want to do is show people, again that's not what this week is about, but in terms of the separate question, the reelection campaign, my job is to show people what we've done and let them judge for themselves," the Mayor said.

For the rest of the week the Mayor and much of his staff will work out of borough hall, hold constituent office hours and attend several events across the island. He will spend a week in each of the other four boroughs at different times throughout the year.