Mayor 'frustrated' driver not arrested after Park Slope crash

The driver of the car that went through a red light and killed two children as they crossed the street with their mothers in Brooklyn on Monday does not face any charges at this time. Police and prosecutors continue investigating.

But Mayor Bill de Blasio has said the woman should never have been behind the wheel in the first place because she reportedly told police she has a medical condition.

"I share the frustration of many in my community," de Blasio said Wednesday. "I wish she was under arrest right now."

But Dorothy Bruns, the driver of the white Volvo that went through the Park Slope intersection, may or may not be charged in connection with the deaths of Abigail Blumenstein, 4, and Joshua Lew, 1, and the injuring of their mothers.

Bruns, of Staten Island, may have had a seizure, police said. Officers on the scene saw her foaming at the mouth. Detectives are looking into her medical records, an NYPD official said. Investigators are also awaiting blood test results.

For now, her driver's license has been suspended.

Many, including the mayor, are demanding changes in the state's vehicle and traffic laws in light of Bruns's medical conditions and the eight summonses her car has received after being caught by speed cameras in recent years. The Volvo was cited four times for running red lights and four times for speeding in school zones.

"She should never have been allowed to be driving a car after what we know of these other violations," de Blasio said. "Measures need to be taken to make sure she will not drive a car anymore."

The mayor said that he will have specific ideas next week on what can be changed. He talked about possible penalties for people with numerous tickets or, as in this case, a driver who apparently has seizures.

One of the penalties would be seizing the person's car but de Blasio said the state Legislature would probably need to approve such a measure.