Can hits sidewalk while Mayor Adams chats with Brooklyn residents

A small metal object reported to be a can landed not far from Mayor Eric Adams during a public appearance in Brooklyn on Friday.

Adams held an informal gaggle with reporters outside a public housing complex in Williamsburg after a public event and then greeted residents. 

Then while Adams posed with a woman for a photo, the object hit the sidewalk with an audible metallic clang, according to video from the scene. In the video, Adams turns his head to the right and glances in the direction of the sound. Several people look down at the sidewalk and then up toward the area where the object — which the Daily News reported was an empty Nutrament energy drink can — fell from.

People are heard on the video saying "Ooh," "Who threw that," "That's what you have to expect around here," and "Came down from the roof."

However, it is not clear if the can was thrown or if it fell from somewhere, perhaps due to the wind.

Adams soon left the area.

His staff told FOX 5 NY that the can didn't land near the mayor and that they don't believe anyone deliberately targeted him.