Mayde Creek seniors may not walk at graduation due to prank

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A senior prank in Katy ISD could cause some students to be denied the privilege of walking at graduation. But both parents and students say the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Mayde Creek High School seniors staged a water balloon throwing event in the middle of the school day Thursday. But bursting wet balloons may have burst their hopes of walking at graduation.

"It was a senior prank. It escalated and got out of hand. Difficult for the staff to contain," says Danny Fuller, recounting what the school's Vice Principal told him at a meeting Thursday afternoon. "He said it took the entire teaching staff and the on-site Katy ISD police to kind of diffuse the situation."

Fuller met with the school's Vice Principal because his son, Colby, was caught up in the event.

"At first I thought there were just a couple kids and he was one of them," Fuller told Fox26. "Then I actually saw the extent of it. Saw where most of it took place upstairs, and his [Colby's] involvement was leaving the building downstairs.

No one was injured in the prank, and there wasn't damage to the school, but punishment for Colby was swift and harsh. Three days out of school suspension. Now his finals would have to be taken after the graduation, therefore

Colby would not walk to recieve his diploma.

"It's a big deal to me," Colby Fuller told us. "I'm positive it's a big deal to my family, and people who want to see me graduate."

A fellow student, Val Gurgin, said the school needs to take into consideration how many years students have worked to get to this point.

"To pay for 20 minutes of a prank, with 12 years, is unfair and even cruel," Gurgin says.

Val says she and her parents will have to meet with the school principal Tuesday, because of the incident, but she doesn't know if she could face the same punishment.

"These are good students that have not had disciplinary action before," said Colby's mother, Bridgett Love. "Did they participate? I'm not sure."

Katy ISD is closed for the holiday weekend but tells Fox26:

"This is still being investigated so we don't know at this point how many students will be disciplined or how. however such behavior is not acceptable and those involved will face disciplinary action."

Students and some parents protested outside Mayde Creek High School Thursday night, and their hopes for a lighter punishment may be coming true. Fuller had more communication with the school's principal Friday.

"The papers that were issued to my son have been voided per the principal," Fuller said.

Colby's dad believes the principal is at least rethinking Colby's discipline, and possibly others. Fuller is told there's a meeting Tuesday morning for all involved students and their parents.