‘Marty' joins the team at Long Island supermarket

Have you met Marty? He's Stop & Shop's newest employee. 

The gray googly eyed assistant glides around the border of the store beeping as it scans the floors for potential hazards. The robot at this Smithtown location will be one of nearly 40 on Long Island by year's end.

Al Steiger, Director of Operations on Long Island says it’s the brands attempt to give its staff more time to focus on serving customers. No jobs will be lost and employees will still be in charge of cleaning up.

“He has blue lights and when he identifies a hazard, the lights will change, and he makes an announcement in English and Spanish,” he said. 

Marty's shift is from 9a to 9p. Each stroll around the store is between 45 minutes to an hour. Even though he works 7 days a week, no he doesn't get overtime. 

“He's awesome,” said one person. “It's strange seeing a robot walking around in a supermarket,” said another. 

Kids are captivated and mature customers are mixed. Sensors help Marty navigate shoppers and their carts. While his handler says he isn't taking pictures of people they're welcome to take selfies with him!