Marriage proposal video lands cops in trouble

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Some NYPD officers may be in trouble for taking part in a viral video. They staged a traffic stop to help a man pull off a surprise marriage proposal. While they may have meant well, their bosses aren't amused.

On the face of it, it's cute. Rather than hiding a ring in a drink or proposing on the jumbo Tron, Yehuda Coriat, 22, got pulled over by NYPD cops, a search for drugs and weapons by three uniformed officers from the 101st Precinct, only the have the soon-to-be fiancé pop the trunk filled with balloons, flowers, and a ring.

The video went viral, which is often the goal in social media. But in this case it touched on the nerve of a current NYPD scandal involving alleged bribes by members of the orthodox Jewish community for favors.

Coriat's fake stop in Far Rockaway came at the request of a member of the Shomrim, the Jewish security patrol. That's when this feel-good goes bad.

A curt police commissioner confirmed the fake stop is now being investigated.

For Coriat, who was just trying to make a once-in-a-lifetime moment memorable, he said the cops were just being helpful.

A source told Fox 5 while police HQ is not happy about the publicity, the investigation has been referred to the local precinct, which in a way is telling the cops to take care of this themselves and not do it again.