Many Trump voters remain loyal to president

President Donald Trump has a very loyal following on Staten Island, but Trump is under fire again this week amid news reports about his dealings with Russia. So we asked Staten Island voters if their opinion of the president has changed.

"We need to let him do his job," said Rob Lubelli, the owner of Waterlume Lawn Sprinklers. "He's the president of the United States. I support him as our president."

We've spoken to Lubelli twice before. This time, we asked for his reaction to reports that when Trump met with Russian officials last week he shared information with them relating to ISIS.

"I think that's what leaders should be doing," Lubelli said. "They should be talking about strategy."

Madeline Feliciano told Fox 5, "He's trying to do the best that he can do and if it means sharing some information and get some allies in this never-ending quest to fight these type of people, then if it's necessary, I think it's the right thing."

This week came reports that former FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo after meeting with President Trump in February. In the memo, Comey reportedly wrote that Trump asked him to shut down an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn for his possible ties to Russia. Even some Trump supporters, like Feliciano, said they admit that the president isn't perfect.

"I think sometimes he confuses the government with having your own private corporation," Feliciano said. "Maybe back then you could call those kind of shots but when you are dealing with this type of environment, maybe sometimes he may forget that. He may have had his own reasons but ultimately I think the FBI should be able to investigate what they deem necessary."

These supporters also said that whatever Trump does, big or small, they feel he gets blown up by critics more than previous presidents.

Editor's Note: A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that Trump's approval rating on Staten Island has fallen to 40 percent. The president's disapproval rating in the borough is now at 57 percent.