Manhattan D.A.: No reason to reopen 2015 Weinstein case

The Manhattan District Attorney says his office has no new evidence that would warrant reopening a previous investigation against disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

In an appearance on Fox 5's Good Day New York morning show, Cy Vance Jr. said that there is no way he could get a conviction. 

"The truth is, we work in a court of law and not a court of public opinion,"

A spokesperson also told that the statute of limitations in the case had also expired in the case.

Model Ambra Batillara Guiterrez was so shaken after Weinstein allegedly groped her during a 2015 meeting that she went to the NYPD. Officers convinced her to meet him again at the Tribeca Grand Hotel and wear a wire during the encounter.

In an audio recording posted on the New Yorker's website, Guiterrez can be heard asking, "Why yesterday you touched my breast?" and a man, purportedly Weinstein, replying, "Oh, please, I'm sorry, just come on in, I'm used to that."

Despite Weinstein admitting to groping Guitierrez, Vance's office decided not to prosecute.

In recent weeks, several other women have come forward alleging abuse at the hands of Weinstein.

Still, Vance said, "There's nothing new that has come forward in respect with the case we previously investigated."

He did leave the possibility of future investigations.

"We encourage women who have information about prior sexual assaults regarding Mr. Weinstein or anybody else to come forward and we will respond and investigate any new allegations that come forward."