Man used fake profile on car sharing app, killed driver

A man in Russia reportedly admitted to police that he had killed a woman who had picked him up through a ride sharing app.

Convicted rapist Vitaly Chikirev, 39, a former Russian special forces soldier, brought police to the body of Irina Akhmatova, 29, a married mother of two who ran two Burger Kings, reported The Daily Mail.

Chikirev used a fake profile when he hailed a ride through the BlaBlaCar app. 

Akhmatova often used the app to pick up passengers to keep her company on her 115 mile drive from her businesses in Moscow to her home in Tula.

Chikirev, who set up multiple bogus profiles, reportedly planned to sell the vehicle, an Audi A 4, but changed his mind and abandoned it when he learned of the week-long manhunt to find Akhmatova.