Man returns thousands of dollars found on road in New Jersey

What would you do? A local man returned thousands of dollars after it fell off an armored truck onto a New Jersey road.

“You get crazy thoughts going through your mind thinking what the heck was that all about?"  Rob Phy’s life was about to get a whole lot richer after he made a bizarre discovery on the way into work two weeks ago. 

“I was coming down the street. It was kind of like windy, little bit of rainy. I thought maybe trash fell in the middle of the street," he told FOX 29. 

But what he saw was not trash at all. It turned out to be at least $10,000 in cold hard cash money. 
A drive by jackpot, but where did it come from?

“It could have been anything you know what I mean? It could have been a robbery," Phy said.

It ended up being a very expensive accident. Runnemede police say a GardaWorld armored truck lost the loot at Central and 9th Avenues. 

“They hit the bump and the door wasn’t shut. It spilled out. We had a very honest person—called 911," police said. 

“You know in the back of your mind you’ve got to do the right thing. Know what I mean—got kids," Phy said. "Try to set an example for your kids if they’re ever put in that kind of situation. Got to do the right thing.”

Phy says it all felt like a movie. 

“I remember that movie I think it was John Cusack movie Money for Nothing or something like that. Kind of brought me back like whoa," he said.