Man claims dog shot herself in the face

Lula is pictured next to Jonathan George.

A man claimed that his dog shot herself in the face but cops didn't buy his story.

Jonathan George, 31, of Norwalk, Ohio is now accused of shooting his dog while he was drunk.

Cops found Lula, a 4-year-old Boxer, with the wound inside George's house.

"He let them in the house, said his dog had shot itself and that he had trained the dog to bring a gun to him," Norwalk Police Capt. Jim Fulton told WJW.

The officers didn’t believe the story and they said that George later admitted he was trying to unload his gun when he accidentally shot the dog in the jaw.

The dog was taken to a local humane society for care.  The dog lost her eye during surgery.   The Huron County Humane Society was raising money for her care as she was resting comfortably in a foster home.

A police report shows that George was charged with using a weapon while intoxicated, illegally firing a gun, and cruelty to animals.

He was held in jail overnight before a court hearing.  Information about a lawyer for George was unavailable.