Man breaks in, stands over 8-year-old's bed in Detroit

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On one Detroit street, four homes were targeted on a single street. One victim says the man who broke in didn't appear to steal anything but instead, he just stood there and stared at her little boy.

Neighbors on Hasse Street are making extra sure their doors are locked and warning each other to be extra vigilant. The neighbors on the city's east side say they're scared to leave their homes after six different break-ins on the street in two months.

According to multiple victims, the man doesn't commit any other crimes besides breaking in. They say he stands over children's beds and looks at children.

"It's very scary - I have a small child. It's very scary and we've been here all of this time ad it's been going on for for over a month,"

The mom, who asked to remain anonymous, lives in one of the homes where the man broke in and said the most terrifying moment of her life came early Sunday morning.

"I wake up (and am) like who the **** is that in my house," Aeisha said.

She says she saw a strange man standing in the doorway of her 8-year-old son's room. She said he just looked at him.

Aeisha panicked and screamed - then she said she was going to get her gun.

"I said let me get my gun and he ran out the front door. He shut the door behind him as he was entering my house."

Aeisha says when she came outside she found a neighbor's chair underneath one of her windows.

"2 houses down, at the corner, the same thing...just looking over their kids as they sleep."

Detroit police say they're investigating the break-ins and say they're unsure if it's the same person involved in all 6 break-ins. Neighbors say they're convinced it's the same man because they've all seen him.

"He's about 5'7, dark skin, tattoos up and down his arm," another neighbor said.

"And he had little beads in his head, white shirt, with gray sweat pants. I said my gun and he took off running," Aeisha said.

Neighbor say they're seeing more police but that doesn't make them feel safe. They said they won't until he's caught.

"Lock y'all doors, keep an eye on your kids at all time. 3 or 4 in the morning a man is coming the house and looking at your kids," Aeisha said.