Man attacks MTA bus with driver, passengers inside

Video has gone viral of an irate man kicking an MTA bus, trying to break off the side view mirror and windshield wipers while yelling at the driver.

The driver turned on the "Emergency Call Police" sign while the man blocked the bus from passing.

The wild incident happened on E. Houston St. and Chrystie St. on Tuesday just before midnight as traffic flowed around him.

He can be heard yelling "Let everybody off the bus now cause you're not going anywhere. I banged on your f****g door. You made me chase you from 23rd Street. This is Houston. I chased you for 23 f*****g blocks and you wouldn't f****g stop."

It's unclear if the driver refused to allow the man on the bus as he claimed.

The NYPD is looking for the man who left the scene before cops arrived.