Man arrested after taking over NYC subway car; 'this is your chance to get out'

The man who took over an NYC subway car telling "Zionists" to raise their hands was taken into custody Wednesday. 

According to police, Anas Saleh, 24, from Staten Island turned himself in after the incident. 

In a video obtained by FOX 5, Saleh is seen hiding his face from cameras after leaving the police station. 

In the video from June 10, a man presumed to be Saleh asks passengers to "raise your hand if you're a Zionist," followed by "this is your chance to get out." 

Footage live-streamed by StatusCoup via Storyful shows a crowded 5 train with other protesters on board. 

"Okay, no Zionists, we're good," the man then says. 

Protestors were demonstrating throughout the city the day the video was taken, according to the group Within Our Lifetime.

Anas has been charged with attempted coercion. 

The incident was not deemed to be a hate crime. 

"The Manhattan DA’s office and NYPD have been actively investigating this incident since it occurred. We encourage anyone with additional information to call 212-335-9040," a spokesperson said.