'Raise your hand if you're a Zionist': Pro-Palestinian protesters chant on NYC subway

Pro-Palestinian protesters in New York were heard chanting "Raise your hand if you're a Zionist" while riding the subway on Monday as part of a "day of rage for Gaza." 

Footage live-streamed by StatusCoup via Storyful shows a crowded 5 train with protesters. 

In the video, a person wearing sunglasses asks passengers to "raise your hand if you're a Zionist," followed by "this is your chance to get out." 

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The person then said, "Okay, no Zionists, we're good."

Protestors were demonstrating throughout the city targeting museums, according to the group Within Our Lifetime.

The museums targeted include the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum, MoMA, the Whitney Museum and the Brooklyn Museum.

Storyful contributed to this report.