Man arrested after butt-dialing 911

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The Aransas Pass Police Department in Texas says one of their officers made three arrests after a man unknowingly pocket-dialed 911 and said he had warrants for his arrest.

The arrest happened August 20, 2015. Police arrested three men in the incident. 

The police department posted the 911 call on their Facebook page Wednesday. They also posted video from the arrest from a police officer's body camera. The video has been view thousands of times on Facebook.

In the post, the police department wrote, "Butt-dialing 911 is a hazardous nuisance. Hazardous to the one who received a 12 year prison sentence, and a nuisance to our 911 communications division."

Police Chief Eric Blanchard said their 911 operators get between 15-25 butt-dials a day, but he couldn't remember another instance in which it led to any arrests.

At the end of the video, the police department posted a meme that says, "I don't always pocket dial 911, but when I do, I tell them I have warrants."