Man accused of posing as special needs man to get help changing diaper

GILBERT, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- A Gilbert man is accused of duping caregivers into thinking he has special needs, and then paying them to change his diaper.

Police say the grown man, identified as 30-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca, had care givers help change his diaper and bathe himself. He really never needed help at all.

Police say Menchaca pretended to have Down Syndrome. According to court documents.,he posed as a woman named "Amy" on a website called, looking for caregivers to change his diaper and bathe him regularly. A total of three caregivers would end up falling for it.

Police documents state the caregivers became suspicious, when he aggressively would state he needed to be cleaned better in certain areas. The report says one caregiver followed Menchaca and knocked on the front door. It states she was greeted by his parents, who later confirmed to police their son does not have Down Syndrome, and did not need assistance with bathing or using the restroom.

"I do have a low IQ level," said Menchaca, in court. "My mom and dad both have paperwork to prove that, and started to talk to my dad about getting me some help, and getting me a counselor."

"It has affected my work as well," said one of the alleged victims. "I've actually missed work for that, and I think that it should be held with either a substantial bond amount, or where he would not be released until the next court date, because I fear for my safety, in regards to that as well, as well as my family and friends, because I did bring my family and friends around him."

Menchaca faces 10 counts of sexual abuse, among other charges. He will be back in court on September 17.