Man accused of posing as CPS worker, trying to take 3 children

Liberty County deputies say, a man posed as a CPS worker, and tried to take three children from a home.

Investigators say that Jimmy Dwayne Lackey faces several charges in this case. Deputies say he barged into a home last week and told the homeowner he was going to take the kids. Investigators say the homeowner retreated to the bedroom with the children, and Lackey charged after them yelling at the homeowner. Lackey made a statement that he was going to take the kids after he killed the homeowner. The homeowner got a weapon and discharged 4 rounds into the ground. The homeowner and children then left the residence and ran across the street to call 911.

When the deputies approached the suspect, Lackey clinched his fists and got in an aggressive stance to fight them. The deputies then caught him and restrained him.