Man accused of nailing ice pick through roommate's genitals

A Utah man is accused of handcuffing his roommate to a chair and giving him two choices:  Be be taken to the desert and killed or having an ice pick nailed into his genitalia.  The man "chose the nail" according to court documents.

Police arrested Jason Maughn, 45, this weekend.  He had been wanted since the September incident in his suburban Salt Lake City community.

Maughn was believed to be staying at a relative's house in California since the violent incident.

The argument that spurred the incident was allegedly about the victim assaulting a woman.  Police say that Maughn placed a 2-by-4 under the victim and "a tool resembling an ice pick" was driven through him.

Maughn then let the man leave, authorities say. The man waiting until the next day before going to a hospital for treatment.

Maughn faces kidnapping, sexual assault, assault and mayhem charges in connection with the case.  It was unclear if he had a lawyer.