Man accused of filming men using a public restroom in Glendale

A 38-year-old man has been arrested, accused of using hidden cameras to record men using public restrooms over the past couple of years.

According to police, Santos Felipe told police he had a fetish, and estimated that he had recorded video of 600 different people.

According to police, an off-duty police officer who was working security at the Glendale 9 Public Market was alerted by an employee to Felipe, who was reportedly seen going in and out of the Men's Restroom on several occasions. In addition, someone reportedly witnessed Felipe walking out of the restroom with a hidden camera.

The officer, according to police, confronted Felipe, and asked to check his cell phone, where several photos of men's private parts were allegedly discovered. Upon a check of Felipe's pockets, a packet of "Orbitz" brand gum was allegedly found, with the "O" cut out for viewing purposes.

According to police, video of at least 16 different men using the Glendale 9 Drive In and Public Market's public restroom was found, on the camera hidden inside the gum package, and video of 13 others using the men's room were found in another camera that was found inside Felipe's car.

According to officers, Felipe is not a legal U.S. citizen, and is considered to be a flight risk. Glendale Police has reportedly submitted 29 counts of Felony Voyeurism charges to the County Attorney's Office, but Felipe has reportedly been charged with one count of Voyeurism, thus far. According to a spokesperson, more charges could be added in the future.