Man accused of fathering child with daughter gets new charges

On Tuesday a Warren man accused of fathering a child with his teen daughter was back in court.

Gregory St. Andre waived his preliminary exam and received three new charges.

"There are three new charges, all three (criminal sexual conduct) first (degree)," the judge said. "Those are all life felonies; you understand that?"

St Andre: "Yeah,"

"It's absolutely disgusting," said Michelle Truszkowski, the aunt of the victim. "I keep telling myself this doesn't happen in real life; this is a movie. But it did."

St. Andre now charged with three counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of third degree CSC. He's accused of sexually abusing his now, 20-year-old daughter and getting her pregnant.

"She is a strong, young woman," Truszkowski. "She does not want to have to testify, but we'll see what happens."

Warren police say the mother of St. Andre's daughter came to Warren police in February after the 20-year-old gave birth to a baby boy. Her family suspected abuse long before then.
"It's heartbreaking because nobody would listen, we tried," Truszkowski said. "I, myself, called CPS twice."

Warren police say originally, St. Andre said he never had intercourse with his daughter. He told them he gave her a cup of his semen and he "doesn't know what she did with it..." 

But text messages between the two were very revealing.

"(He) called her his wife, 'You know I am the only one that will love you," Truszkowski said. "No one can love you like I love you."

The family has been ripped apart, but his resilient daughter and her mother, this family says, is prepared to fight.

"No child should ever go through that with anyone," the victim's aunt said. "Let alone their father."

Right now St. Andre is being held without bond. He's due back in court a week from now.