Making matzo at Manischewitz | Jen at Work

The star of any Passover Seder is the matzo, so Fox 5 went to the biggest matzah manufacturer in the country: The Manischewitz Company factory in Newark, New Jersey, to find out how it is all done. Manischewitz is the No. 1 matzo baker in the world and beyond. The last man to walk on the moon -- Astronaut Gene Cernan -- often used the word "Manischewitz" in outer space as a substitute for swearing.

The warehouse alone is 180,000 square feet. All the food here is kosher, and it starts where water meets flour. Onto the factory floor where 7 layers of dough are pressed and rolled into one, and standing by to make sure each and every piece of matzo is up to kosher standard is head mashgiach Benjamin Gordon.

The matzo is toasted to crispy perfection in 2 minutes in brick ovens. The bricks actually come from Manischewitz's old factory in Jersey City. After the company moved, customers complained the matzo didn't taste the same. So the company went back to Jersey City to get the bricks.