Making matzo at Manischewitz | Jen at Work

The star of any Passover Seder is the matzo, so Fox 5 went to the biggest matzah manufacturer in the country: The Manischewitz Company factory in Newark, New Jersey, to find out how it is all done. Manischewitz is the No. 1 matzo baker in the world and beyond. The last man to walk on the moon -- Astronaut Gene Cernan -- often used the word "Manischewitz" in outer space as a substitute for...

Decorating homes for the holidays | Jen at Work

Decorating your home for the holidays is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. But if you don't want to do it yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you. So we put our Jennifer Lahmers to work, climbing up on the rooftops and decking the halls.

Chocolate factory in Brooklyn | Jen at Work

Chocolate. Is there anything in the world more decadent, delicious and completely addictive? Which is why when I was told I was heading to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to work at a chocolate factory my first thought was "okay, what's going to happen to ruin this one for me?"

Ferry terminal aquarium cleaner | Jen at Work

Thousands of people come through the Staten Island Ferry Terminal every day. While they wait they have a pair of thousand-gallon aquariums filled with big fish to keep them entertained. On this day, I went swimming with these fishes to clean out the tank.

Working at Belmont Park | Jen at Work

When you think of Belmont Park, you think prestige, but behind the scenes Belmont has over 2,000 horses which makes up for a lot of you know what. Jennifer Lahmers went to work at Belmont.