Macron wins French election, calls for open borders, free trade

The final round of voting has concluded in France's presidential election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Voters in France made their voices heard.  They elected Emmanuel Macron, a political newcomer and former investment banker, who's calling for open borders and a commitment to free trade. The message from the majority of French voters was loud and clear - they support the European Union and want to stay far away from extreme right politics.

39-year-old Emmanuel Macron was elected as the country's youngest president ever.

The race wasn't even close. Pollsters projected that Macron won 65 percent of the votes against far-right opponent Marine Le Pen.  Voters rejected Le Pen's French-first nationalism for Macron's strong support of NATO and the European Union.

Macron's victory marked the third time in six months that European voters shot down far-right populists who wanted to restore borders across Europe. This vote followed similar elections in Austria and the Netherlands.

In her concession speech, Le Pen congratulated Macron and wished him success in his fight to build and strengthen the country. Le pen is a critic of the European Union and has a tough stance on immigration. On Fox News, analysts compared Le Pen's campaign to president Trump's - but obviously, it wasn't as successful.

"A lot of his policies, in terms of the economics, were still in line with traditional republican orthodoxy on economic matters, he wasn't talking about nationalizing the banks like Le Pen is in France," said Scott Greer, Deputy Editor of the Daily Caller.

In the U.S., President Trump strongly voiced his support for Le Pen throughout her campaign, but in a tweet this evening Trump congratulated Macron and wrote that he is very much looking forward to working with him.