Machine could build home in 2 days

They're a group of engineers looking to change the way that homes are built. 

Print a house for under $200,000 - that's what Kirk Andersen and his team at S Squared 3D Printers are trying to do. They've designed a 20-foot self-made rig that they say is capable of printing a custom home out of cement. 

"There's no need for 30 guys to swing hammers when we can have a machine do it and two days later we have a house," Andersen said. "Basically you can see a floor plan from above. All those lines, layer by layer we stack it on top of each other."

They're working with the Town of Riverhead to build a demo home this spring. They hope to lower the all around cost of homes by trying to increase job productivity autonomously. 

The goal is to build homes using two inch wide layers of cement with an internal support structure for utilities and insulation. 

"Now you need an operator for the machine, someone has to watch the machine at all times, you need someone watching the cement and the mixture being done," said Bob Smith, Cofounder of S Squared 3D Printers. 

While blueprints would be drafted by a traditional architect, the structure would be computer generated for the machine to print. S Squared hopes to receive zoning and building permits later this year.