Lulu the dog flunks out of CIA after refusing to sniff bombs

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Courtesy: CIA

Becoming a K-9 can be considered a well-respected and noble position for any up-and-coming pup.

However, for Lulu, she just didn’t care. Up until recently, the black Lab was training to become an explosive detective K-9 for the CIA. The agency announced she finally flunked out.

Lulu began showing signs of disinterest a few weeks into her training. Sometimes, dogs just have bad days. A pup could begin acting lazy during a lesson, but the indifference lasts for maybe two days or a trainer can help the dog out of its funk.

But for Lulu, it wasn’t temporary. Lulu just wasn’t interested in searching for explosives. Neither food nor play would motivate her either, according to the CIA.

There is a happy ending though. Her handler adopted her, which his common when a dog is dropped or retires from the training program.

The CIA is happy to report Lulu is enjoying her retirement.