Lovebirds lovingly looking into each other's eyes melts social media's heart

A photo of an old man staring adoringly at the woman sitting across from him in a McDonald’s has gone viral on Facebook, prompting users to post romantic messages of their own.

The tender moment was caught last week by Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo at one of the franchise’s locations in the Philippines. It’s unclear what the relationship between the two diners is, but what is clear is that this man adores this woman.

Alonzo posted it with the caption, “Even when we are old, I’d still look at you like this.” It has been shared over 93,000 times, with 64,000 reactions. For the most part, users took the opportunity to show the same level of affection for a loved one.

One user said of her partner, “I always look at him like this. Every time. And upon gazing into him, I always thank God for giving me a man like you. All I can say is, ‘Thank You, Lord.’”

Another user posted “my love, this is the goal. This is us. Thank you for everything. Happiest Birthday to you my love. Happy Birthday to you, my happy pill.”