Long Island's White House replica is home to museum, centuries-old artifacts

It’s a house on the campus of LIU that’s been retrofitted to resemble the White House. It’s said to be one of just four in the country, aside from the White House itself. 

"Very few people get to experience what it’s like to be the president and walk in the president’s shoes," said Andy Person who is the director at the Roosevelt School. 

Visitors can get a feel for what it’s like to sit in the Oval Office, meet in the Situation Room and address the media in the Press Briefing Room – all without leaving Long Island

The house – complete with blue, green and red rooms – holds history of past to present presidents. It was founded by Tweed Roosevelt who is the great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. 

"Not many Americans get to go to the White House and people in the neighborhood can come and see this," he said. 

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Organizers believe the experience is a unique way to teach people about the nation’s history at a time of political divisiveness. 

A collection of centuries-old artifacts including a metal parade torch made for John Adams’ campaign in 1796 are also housed inside. 

Along with paper clothing worn by women in the 1960s w photographs of candidates they supported and hand-painted paper lanterns that were used to light parade routes in the 19th Century.