Long Island rosé wine comes in an aluminum can

You can drink rosé out of a bottle, a box, a keg, and now a can.

"It's vacuumed-sealed, it's inert, and it's easy to open," said Russell Hearn of Bridge Lane Wine in Mattituck, Long Island. "Wherever you are -- at the beach or on the boat -- there it is."

Winemaker Hearn said he wouldn't jeopardize the taste and it is only a matter of time before canned wine goes mainstream.

"Rosé should be all about light and summery," he said.

The team at Bridge Lane Wine came up with the idea because cans are more convenient. The winery said 1,700 cans are ready to go.  

General Manager Ami Opisso said drinking wine no longer has to be formal or fancy. Bridge Lane is one of the first wineries in the Northeast to use cans. She said the can is portable and affordable. One single-serve can costs $9. 

"The same wine that we're putting in bottles, boxes, and keg is going into cans and it will taste the same no matter which package you're drinking it out of," she said. "There are two glasses of wine, or half a bottle, in one can. And it's also a little bit more eco-friendly because the aluminum is lightweight and can be recycled."

The limited batch of cans will be available in the tasting room starting August 2. The full rollout of Bridge Lane canned wine is planned for early 2018.