Long Island man volunteers in all 50 states

It's a bucket list kind of trip that Chris Strub made a reality. One hundred days of volunteering in all 50 states.

We caught up with Chris this week on his 43rd stop: Project Play Camp in his hometown of Huntington, Long Island. 

He says no matter what state, within minutes the kids always love him even if he beats them in FourSquare. 

Aside from small donations, the trip is self-funded. His goal is to inspire people across the country to volunteer and give back. With more than 13,000 miles on what Chris calls the Honda hotel, he has signatures and advice as reminders of the work he says is priceless. 

Charles Strub says like father like son, he hopes Chris got some of his passion from him and couldn't be more proud. 

Chris was scheduled to be in New Jersey on Wednesday, Delaware on Thursday, and Maryland on Friday. 

August 21 marks 100 days. He plans on celebrating his birthday two days after that in South Carolina.