Long Island man, inspired by chemistry demonstration, creates ice cream with liquid nitrogen

He went from a career in computers to concocting ice cream. 

Alan Lacher opened Alkemy in Huntington after a high school chemistry demonstration stuck with him. 

"It was just something that started as an interest, then a hobby that I held onto until it became a business," he said. "They pick their base, flavor and we make it fresh in the bowl." 

Years later, he’s perfecting his own experiment using the same concept to custom-create ice cream using liquid bases and nitrogen. There are no freezers because everything is made fresh. 

"It takes about 30 seconds and creates a unique creamy consistency," he said. 

Unlike traditional ice cream, liquid nitrogen freezes so quickly there’s no time for crystallization. 

Liquid nitrogen dispenses from the tank at minus 321 degrees but as soon as it’s drawn from the tank, it starts to evaporate and freeze ice cream. 

Instead of using premade commercial mix, Lacher makes his own from scratch. He pasteurizes on the premises dairy free options, tons of toppings and fun flavors.