Long Island leaders ask 'Where is Santos?'

Some Long Island leaders in Rep. George Santos’ district feel like they’re in limbo.

East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz says Santos and his office have been silent since he was sworn in last month.

"We have no representation," he said. "I’ve been mayor for more than 28 years. This is the first time I don’t have a congressman to call and discuss issues."

Federal issues impacting the more than 7,000 residents in his Village, like low-flying and loud planes flying over homes, is typically something Koblenz would address with his congressional representative.

An email sent to some elected officials from Santos’ district director this week requested their response to discuss projects and issues. A spokesperson tells FOX 5 News the congressman plans to reach out to every local official in the district.

So far, Mayor Koblenz hasn’t heard from him.

However, Mineola Mayor Paul Pereria has.

"Now that this infrastructure bill is coming out, who do I reach out to find out how do I get some money for infrastructure? Congressman Santos under this cloud can’t perform as a Congressman should to represent his constituents," Pereria said.

Criminal defense attorney Randy Zelin believes the FBI’s investigation into Santos’ alleged GoFundMe schemes could bring wire fraud charges down the road regardless of how much money Santos raised.

Zelin says at this point it’s not a matter of if Santos gets indicted but when.

"Congressman Santos is in hot water … no," Zelin said. "It’s scalding water so he really needs to get ahead of this because the light that he sees at the end of the tunnel is not daylight. It’s the train that going to run him over."

Santos’ office also tried to reach out to the Nassau County Village Officials Association. Officials there say they will consider setting up a time to talk. A decision will be made at their next board meeting later this month.