Viral pickle sandwich drawing crowds to this Long Island deli: 'It’s crunchy'

There’s a designated line for pickle sandwiches at Seven Brothers Gourmet Food Market in Oceanside on Long Island.

It’s a special sandwich packed with as much meat as one can fit between two halves of a pickle. It’s billed as a healthier alternative to bread and when foodie Gabby Palmigiano posted a taste test on TikTok, it went viral. 

"Every minute I refreshed, it’s another thousand, a thousand," she said. 

From photographs to toasts with pickles, brothers Joseph and Anthony Fiorito have been scooping out the centers of pickles for weeks now. 

"We’re selling 250 to 300 pickles a day," Joseph said. 

"I was going to be off today. I want to be here, it’s so exciting," Anthony said. 

Their uncle Sandro is amazed at how far people are willing to travel. 

"We have people coming down from Florida, Boston," he said. "Everywhere." 

The pickle distributor personally visited the Seven Brothers this past weekend to deliver more pails of pickles. They upped their weekly order by 1,400%.

"In the past two days, we went through 13 pails of pickles," Anthony said. 

They’re using the core to make fried pickle fries, and while there’s been little success replicating the recipe at home. 

"We can’t find the size," said one customer. 

Many say they’ll just save the delicacy for the deli that started it all. 

"It’s crunchy, it’s salty, it’s refreshing," said another.