Long Island communities unite in green for Farmingdale bus victims

Long Island communities are wearing green Tuesday to support Farmingdale High School, which is still mourning the loss of two teachers in a deadly bus crash last week.

The September 22 crash on I-84 in Orange County took the lives of retired teacher Beatrice Ferrari and music teacher Gina Pellettiere and critically injured five students from the high school. 

Now, the community is coming together to remember the lives of those who died and show strength and support for the others injured in the crash.

"It’s a very close community," said Renee from Merritt Bakery. "And that’s why everybody wants to show there lately and love."

From the shopping center on Merritts Road, where the bakery and deli have green signs in the shop windows, to the high school, where purple and black bunting hangs, students are wearing green, and parents have tied green ribbons around the trees.

"All our kids went to Farmingdale and we love Farmingdale," Rich of Merritt Deli. 

That sentiment has been echoed all across Long Island.

"You have competition in football and sports," said a resident. "But when something like this happens, everybody bands together."

The wake for Ferrari on Monday saw the funeral home filled to capacity with mourners. The funeral for beloved instructor Pellettiere is Thursday, and expecting an overwhelming showing, the high school is closing its doors for the day. 

"Your heart goes out to the families, and you know it’s a loss for the school district," Renee said. "The schools losing two wonderful teachers."