Little boy making grocery list will melt your heart

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A little boy from Kentucky is stealing hearts with his adorable grocery list-making skills. 

In the video that's been seen more than five million times since it was posted, little Jake Boone, who's three-years-old, is seen standing there with his pen and paper, "writing" down all the items for his mom, Chrystal Logsdon.

"Strawberries, what else?" he says to his mom, while scribbling on the paper.

"Spaghetti," she says. "Skettie! What else?" he says in his adorable accent after each item is read off to him to write down. "Taco stuff, what else?" 

When it's all finished, Jake can't believe that there's no more items to write down, so he turns to his daddy, "What else?" he asks.

The adorable exchange has more than 120,000 shares after his mother made the video public.

She says she's surprised the video has reached so many people. "I have got a lot of comments from people who really enjoyed it, say it made them smile, so that makes me happy," she told FOX 13.