Little boy gets warm welcome from classmates after riding out Dorian in Bahamas in touching video

A 3-year-old returned to pre-school after experiencing Hurricane Dorian and his classmates were so excited to see him.

Makai Simmons bravely rode out Hurricane Dorian while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas.

Tekara Capron, Makai's mother, told FOX 5, "Everyone in South Florida was freaking out so my family thought it would be best if my son and I rode the storm out in the Bahamas." The pair ended up staying at Capron's mom's house on the island. 

While there moments where Makai was scared, he was also very brave in handling the situation. He loves superheroes so much, at one point he put on his Spider-Man life vest and said that he was going to save the children. 

Capron said the family's home was completely flooded-- they lost all their funiture, clothes and toys. Throughout it all, Makai was very helpful and helped his family move destroyed furniture and other household items. 

When he finally returned to school, the youngster had the best welcome back committee waiting for him.

In a heartwarming viral video posted to Instagram by his mother, all of Makai’s classmates gathered around him for a warm giant group hug.

The caption read:

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Hundreds of people have commented on the sweet video.

“If only we all had the hearts as pure as that of children,” one person wrote. 

Another person said, “I hope your son continues to feel this love!”

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Kids, sometimes they are teaching us a thing or two about love.